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For many years this site was to promote my professional activities. For the last several years it was just to play with HTML and CSS. Recently, however, a number of folks have contacted me to ask questions like, "What's your Ph.D. in?" So, although I don't like to brag—really? Heh, heh!—you can get a bit of my background by clicking the button below. If you are a true glutton for punishment, you will visit all my Links!



For many years this site was to promote my professional activities. I taught systems analysis, programming, and networking at Standard Register Company, NCR Corporation, Sinclair Community College, and in a variety of public schools as an employee and consultant. Ultimately those activities led to an earned doctorate in Computer Science Education. Meanwhile, I realized that I would never get rich working for other people and used my skills to create and manage an investment portfolio.

This led to a second career in investment management. I have belonged to the National Association of Investors Corporation (NAIC) and am a life member of the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII). I am listed in Who's Who in America and have spoken to NAIC groups and Rotary as well as AAII chapters. I have been interviewed and quoted in The Dayton Daily News, Bloomberg Financial, CNBC Television, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and was profiled in Money Magazine (June, 1997), Reader's Digest (November, 1997), Money Funds Magazine (Februrary, 1999). I was also featured in The Millionaire Next Door (1996).

I retired from teaching in 1995, from consulting in 2000 and from investment management in 2010.

Now, having fun is my job!

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