Billie W. Taylor II, Ph.D.
Amateur Radio Operator

I became interested in Amateur Radio in 2007 through my granddaughter who wanted to join her dad (my son-in-law) as a Ham. She was only ten and the classes were offered on a school night and lasted too late for her to make her bed time. So my wife and I agreed to take the course and relay the information to her after school the following day. The system worked quite well and she passed the test handily. While taking the classes for the Technician license we became interested and decided to take the test too. We were asked to take the General test when we passed the Technician, then the Extra. Our granddaughter declined the opportunity, but my wife and I went ahead. We passed them all! So we went from nothing to Beth AC8ET and Bill AC8AA in one testing session.

Our Christmas gifts were tri-band hand-held radios which we set up in our cars with external antennas so they could also be used as mobiles and began to learn how to use them.

We've joined several radio clubs: ARRL (Amateur Radio Relay League); DARA (Dayton Amateur Radio Association); WCOARA (West Central Ohio Amateur Radio Association); MOCOARES (Montgomery County Amateur Radio Emergency Services)and participate in some of their nets on local 2-meter repeaters.

We worked hard to get additional certifications. So far:
Emergency Communications I, II, III
ICS 100, 200, 700, 702A, 800, 802
NWS Skywarn Weather Spotter
ARRL Volunteer Examiner.

We participate in public service events and work when needed at Emergency Operations Centers for our county and Kettering Medical Center.

We visited several field day sites in 2009. Montgomery County ARES, Bellbrook Amateur Radio Club, Dayton Amateur Radio Association, and West Central Ohio Amateur Radio Association.


ARES generator and antennas

ARES almost time to start

ARES ready to go

BARC welcomes visitors

BARC antenna farm

BARC antenna farm

BARC making contacts

BARC posters explain it all

BARC commentary on posters

BARC has extra everything

Dara sets up

a DARA antenna

another DARA antenna

DARA radio cake

DARA has everything in its place

WC8OH antenna farm

WCOH dont need no stinkin generators

WCOH has three stations

WCOH station one

WCOH station two

WCOH station three

WCOH starts 'em young