Billie W. Taylor II, Ph.D.


I designed and maintain 3 web sites.

My personal site (this one):
Billie W. Taylor II, Ph.D.
Created 1996.

My pipe collection:
Pipe Collector. Split from my personal site in 2007.

An amateur radio club:
West Central Ohio Amateur Radio Association.
Created 2013.


In college I edited the school newpaper: The Quaker Quips, Wilmington College, Wilmington, OH, 1959-60.
College Newspaper

Later, much later, I edited the "Classroom Connection" column in Apple Dayton the newsletter of the Apple computer user group, 1977-82.
Classroom Connection


The Standard Register Story,
Standard Register Co., 1972

City of Rocks Bird Survey,
Idaho DNR, 2003

A History of the Park District,
Dayton-Montgomery County Park District, 1987

Classroom Discipline,
Southern Hills Press, 1987

A History of the pipe,
Southern Hills Press, 2000


"Wanted: Tiger or Pussycat"
Finance Magazine,
Sep-Oct, 1975, p.45

Birding in Ohio, 1994
Hills'n'Dales section

Birds of Dayton, 1984
various dates and observations

"About the Space-Age the pipe"
Pipes & Tobaccos Magazine,
Fall, 2005, p. 18

The Yellow Warbler,
Dayton Audubon Society,
Field Trip Reports, various dates