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Pipe Collector
Writer & Historian
Ham Radio Operator

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Photo Equipment
Sony Mavica Camera
Canon Rebel XT Camera
Promaster 18-200 Lens
Canon 100 Macro Lens
Canon Ring Light
Close-up Stand
Infiniti Board
Flip Lights
Canon Flash
Canon 28-90mm Lens
Palm Centro
Canon SD780 camera
Canon A2200 Camera

Our Most Recent Holidays
Stuffing the Thanksgiving turkey
The table is set
The tree is ready
for all the gifts
And the stockings were hung
Mimosas for the great Christmas Brunch
Santa brought Sims City 3 Ambitions
We danced in the New Year
and the girls watched the 2011 Rose Parade

Dayton Landmarks
Air Force Museum
Boonschoft Museum of Discovery
Carillon Park
Dayton Institute of Art
Paul Lawrence Dunbar House
Masonic Temple
Packard Museum
Schuster Center for Performing Arts
Sunwatch Indian Village
Wright Cycle Company
Wright Brothers Memorial

Kodiak, AK 2008
De-icing the plane in Seattle
A view of downtown Thursday night
Best Western stuffed Kodiak bear at Christmas
Buying lunch at 0930 Saturday
The count craft - Denny Zwiefelhofer on deck - Jeff Lewis on dock
Stephen Bodnar at the compilation meeting
Stacy Studebaker with her gray whale skeleton
Mein Host and Count Compiler Rich MacIntosh
Coast Guard retiree and base access chauffeur Dick Ross
Ptarmigans lurk here - didn\'t see them
Phone photo through the spotting scope
Emperor Geese at Womens Bay

2009 Amateur Radio Field Day
ARES generator and antennas
ARES almost time to start
ARES ready to go
BARC welcomes visitors
BARC antenna farm
BARC making contacts
BARC posters explain it all
BARC commentary on posters
BARC has extra everything
DARA sets up
a DARA antenna
another DARA antenna
DARA radio cake
DARA has everything in its place
one WCOH antenna
WCOH dont need no stinkin generators
WCOH has three stations
WCOH station one
WCOH station two
WCOH station three
WCOH starts em young

Our Most Recent Summer Trip
Friends of over 50 years catch up on the way
A sail regatta en route from CT to MA
Cuddles in the Plimouth Plantation watch tower
Cuddles and Grammie explore Plimouth Plantation
At Plymouth Rock
Memorial to the Forefathers complete with hawk nest crowm
Next stop was the Adams NHP in Quincy
Then Dorchester Heights NM
The Beantown Trolley stopped at Prudential Tower
A guide walked us along the Freedom Trail
A visit to the USS Constitution - Old Ironsides
The Shaw/54th MA Regiment Memorial
A Harbor Cruise near the end of the day
The Boston Children's Museum had a bubble experience
Penguins at the New England Aquarium
A favorite painting at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts
The unique Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
Granddaddy and Cuddles met Ben Franklin after dinner at the Union Bar
Paul Revere guided us through the Minuteman NHP
The Franklin Park Zoo was a must visit
Our side trip to Salem included Hawthorne-s House of Seven Gables
A birthday cake for Granddaddy when we got home

Our Most Recent Winter Trip
Four nights at Holiday Inn Express to get there
Our home away from home
Beth's birthday celebration
which we both enjoyed
Our Fiftieth wedding anniversary dinner
The DonWes Flea Market is a must stop
We went birding with Jay and Carol Soule
We visited the new World Birding Center on S Padre Is
and Salinono where we saw the usual assortment of Orioles
Lunch one day at Pepe's on the River
and saw a tour boat between us and Mexico
Beth joined the Red Hat Ladies for lunch
We got home before Easter and Bill took Michelle shopping
Got some school clothes while we were out
And the mandatory Converse shoes
The annual Mother's Day/Magnolia photo

The Great Kitchen Remodel
First the movers put everything in boxes in the basement
Ready for demolition to begin
The EPA has rules for the demolition
Now the rough electrical
and rough plumbing
old flooring out and new drywall in
smoothing everything
starting the new subfloor
subfloor done
colored paint primer
new floor in
new cabinets start going in
more cabinets
Advantium oven in
electrical nearly done and paint protection in
cabinet doors mostly done
painting nearly done
pulls on doors and drawers installed
quartz countertop installed
sink and stove are set in last
and we were back in our kitchen in only 49 days

2011 World Tour
Bon Voyage gifts - bouquet times 2.
The marvelous Planeto Astrolabium in the atrium of decks 3 - 4 - 5
Sunrise at sea.
Tea at three every day at sea.
Our guide almost disappears 20 feet away in the tropical rain forest - Costa Rica.
Panama Canal tow lines are delivered by rowboat.
The Lion rocks at sunset - Galapagos Islands.
Nesting Blue-footed Booby - Galapagos Islands.
Blow hole - Galapagos Islands.
Auckland waterfront with Sky Tower in orange - New Zealand.
English style garden - New Zealand.
Telling a Maori legend - New Zealand.
Tranz Alpine Express Train - New Zealand.
Time Tower - New Zealand.
Cape Raoul - Australia.
Sydney Opera House at sunrise - Australia.
Our room overlooking the desert at Ayers Rock - Australia.
The end of the Kaniya Waterhole Walk - Australia.
Praying Mantis in Paupua New Guinea.
Side trip from the Long Corridor in the Summer Palace - China.
The Great Wall snaking up the ridge - China.
Saigon traffic - Vietnam.
The Taj Mahal - India.
The Banganga quarter of Mumbai - India.
The entrance to the Sultan's Palace - Oman.
Watching for pirates with infrared video.
The coast of Iran - Strait of Hormuz.
The port at sunrise - Dubai.
King Tut statue at Karnak - Egypt.
Bedouin herding goats - Jordan.
Ashdod School of Dance gets audience participation - Israel.
A street in Vernazza - Italy.
Flamenco Cave performance in Granada - Spain.
Bougainvillea at the Palace of Pontius Pilate in Seville - Spain.